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5 Ways to Get Holiday Traffic to Your Blog

People are already searching on holiday gift ideas for 2010. If your blog isn’t ready to take on the holiday traffic, you could be losing potential sales. Start getting holiday traffic to your blog with these surefire ways. 

Change your email signature to a holiday theme that leads to your blog link. For example, if you run a parenting blog, write a gift idea slogan that intrigues your email recipients. It’s always a good idea to change your email signature to keep it new and exciting.

Start a Facebook page for your Christmas campaign. It’s never too early to entice readers to start shopping online. Play up the fact that postal services are delayed by late November and early December. Create a Facebook page for a fun Christmas gift guide featuring your products or services. Everyone needs creative gift ideas!

Dress up your blog for the holidays. Changing your blog banner to a Christmas banner can do wonders. Once readers see that Christmas is coming soon, it will have readers thinking of gift ideas. Don’t forget to change your profile avatar and blog background. It’s a great idea to have a Christmas countdown widget on one of your sidebars. This will let readers know exactly how many days until Christmas.

If you are on Twitter, send a tweet out to other bloggers. Ask to exchange website links for a Christmas Twitter campaign you’re starting. Everyone wants free publicity to their blog or website. Once you have exchanged links, tweet some recommended Christmas links every second day. For example, the tweet could say “100 days until Christmas! What are you getting your new girlfriend?” followed with recommended website links. Don’t forget to change your profile description to a holiday themed one. When new and old followers go to your page, it will entice them to check out your blog.

Send out a holiday discount coupon to all of your subscribers. This includes blog email subscribers, RSS subscribers, followers on Blogger, email list from all your social networking sites and past customers. Send out a nice thank you email to your followers with a coupon for them to use until a certain date. Let them send you referrals by letting them share the discount coupons with friends and family.