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We might be perfect for each other.

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Albany, NY Print Media

Attention, upstate New York: Elite Venture Media designs print advertising, too! Results-oriented creative fits your print media marketing goals. 

Personal Attention

Because we’re a local graphic design agency for the Albany, NY area, we sit down with you to hear your goals and creative ideas. Personal attention is important to us whether you’re a one-person enterprise or an organization with hundreds of employees.

Creative Strategy

Our initial meeting lets us get to know each other. Each client comes to us with different levels of pre-design finished: a quick sketch on a napkin, for instance, or a neat pile of past creative to work from. Once we understand your overall marketing goals, we can design print ads that fit your strategy.

Passion for Graphic Design

We do a lot of graphic design and website development, and we think technology is wonderful. But we also have a passion for print media design—we love the idea of creating a lasting impression in real-world publications and developing local markets and local businesses.

The Art of Magazine and Newspaper Ads

There’s an art to designing advertising for magazines and newspapers. Print ads must capture a reader’s attention immediately and get the sales message across with a glance. Print media is also tactile—readers hold ads literally in their hands, and experience them in connection to the rest of the copy around the ad.

Magazine or Newspaper? Local or National?

Whether it’s a local Albany, NY publication, such as The Times Union and The Business Review, or one that reaches a wider readership such as the New York Times, your audience pays attention to print ads. We work directly with The Times Union, The Business Review, The Metroland,  Adirondack Life, and The Adirondack Explorer so the process is smooth and easy. Of course, we also give you a digital file so you can get your print ad placed in any magazine or newspaper. We’ll design your special promotion or your long-running ad with the print publication in mind.

Your Print Ad: Action Oriented and Thought Provoking

Magazines are a great advertising medium. Months after publication, readers still page through and see your ad. In addition, magazine readers take their time and absorb all the text on the page—including your ad. Newspaper advertising is slightly different. Here, repetition is key—running ads consistently for weeks or months. The best advertisements make readers pause to consider your message, then stick in their minds until they just have to take action.

Your Print Ad: Nuts and Bolts

We’re familiar with all the nuances of print media advertising. Your ad needs to be a superstar in a very small space. From the tiny to the splashy, we have your graphic design needs covered.

  • 1/8 page to full page sizes
  • Black and white, one color, and full color design
  • Strong, engaging text
  • Clear calls-to-action produce results
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Magazines, newspapers, and all other print media

Advantages of Working with a Local Ad Designer

  • We’re right here in your community.
  • We work directly with the magazines where your ads appear.
  • We work directly with local Albany, NY  printers.
  • We hand off high resolution, print-ready digital files.
  • We’re here for you now and in the future.

Local, professional, passionate graphic design. Upstate New York may never look at print advertising in the same old way again.