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How to Create Online Buzz – Top Five Link Building Strategies

When it comes to online marketing, drawing traffic to your site can be difficult. Site visitors won’t link back to your site if they don’t receive a valuable benefit.

How can you get your site visitors to take action and what can you offer them? They won’t link to your site if you don’t give them a good reason. These five helpful link building strategies will draw more traffic to your sites, and make you stand out from your competitors. Link building is especially helpful if you sell products and services on your site. Building links is an easy, effective way to brand your company and generate positive online buzz.

Social Media – Use social networking and social bookmarking to draw attention to your blogs and websites. Write targeted, concise messages on social media sites. Don’t forget to include your URLs on posts and updates.

Directory Listings – Submit your blog and website URLs to directory listings. Use free listing services and remember to target niche directories that target your industry/business.

Article Directories – Submit well-written, SEO rich content to free online article directories. Always include your bio, contact information and website/blog URL at the end of the article. Articles are also a great way to share your expertise and knowledge.

Forums – Contribute to online forums by posting thoughtful, professional and polite posts. Don’t just post on any forum – make sure you target your markets and choose industry-specific forums that will draw new visitors to your site. Always include your URL in your forum signature.

Guest Comments – Another great way to generate buzz is to leave comments on other blogs and websites. People will remember you, and might need your expertise or help in the future. Make sure to include your URL with your comments (but do not spam the site).