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Is Your Website Stuck on the Desktop? – Why You Need a Responsive Web Design

Is Your Website Stuck On The Desktop?

When you set up your website, you probably did so with the traditional desktop computer in mind. Not too long ago, just about everyone viewed websites from the confines of the PC at their homes and offices. Back then, mobile computing was just getting its start, and smart phones were generally confined to a few geeks and early adopters.

Things have certainly changed in those few intervening years. These days more than half of the population either has a smart phone or plans to buy one soon, and more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access their favorite websites. The problem is most websites are still designed for the desktop computer, and that is causing serious problems for website visitors, and costing website owners lots of money.

That is why it is so important for anyone who operates a website to become familiar with responsive web design. Responsive web design can seem like a complicated subject, and there are plenty of technical details taking place behind the scenes. But what website owners need to know can be summed up in a few simple terms.

A website that incorporates responsive web design concepts is able to change and adapt depending on which type of device it is being viewed on. That allows the end user to receive value whether that user is viewing the content on a mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, netbook or even a traditional desktop computer. The website is able to determine which kind of device is communicating with it, and it is able to change everything from the size of the screen and the brightness of the font to the sizes of the individual windows and scrollbars.

Unless your website has been designed with responsive web design concepts in mind, you could be missing out on a growing part of the market for your goods and services. Study after study has shown that web visitors make their decisions quickly, often in only a few seconds. If your website provides a poor viewing experience for customers using mobile phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices, those customers are unlikely to give the site another try when they return to their home or office.

That is why it is so essential for companies to provide every visitor with a great experience, no matter where the customer is or what type of device he or she is using. Incorporating responsive web design concepts into your existing website is one upgrade that can improve customer response rates and drive more customers through your virtual doors.

If you have not yet updated your website for the Web 2.0 world, now is the perfect time to get started. The staff at Elite Venture Media will be happy to take a look at your existing design and make recommendations based on the latest in responsive web design.