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Professionally Designed Print Ads Produce Results

It may seem logical to think that any graphic designer can also design ads for magazines and newspapers. After all, they just need to make your message fit into a predefined space, right? Print marketing isn’t quite that simple.

Print media advertising should do far more than tell readers about your daily special and your business location. Good print ads connect with readers on a subconscious, emotional level and compel them to act on your message.

There are at least a dozen different ways that magazine ad designers manipulate text and graphics to achieve an emotional connection. Here are just a few:

  • Thoughtful use of photography subjects
  • Harmonious or attention-grabbing color contrasts
  • Powerful action words in the text
  • Layout details that emphasize the right elements
  • Simplicity
  • Attention to the consumer’s wants, needs and desires

Print ads aren’t just pretty pictures with some words on the page. They have the power to inspire, sadden, comfort, and motivate. At least, if they’re created by experts in print media design.

Hire a Specialist to Design Print Ads

Not all graphic designers have the unique knowledge needed to produce the best results from your printed advertisements. What catches attention for web design may not be effective for print media. You may consider hiring someone simply based on experience with computer software, but you won’t be getting your money’s worth—even if the person works for free.

Get a specialist to do your creative. Even better, get a local graphic design agency based in Albany, NY to do your creative. The Elite Venture Media team is not only trained in the art and psychology of print media marketing, we’re also keenly familiar with the local market and work directly with a number of magazine and newspaper publishers.

You Get Far More Than an Ad

Obviously you want to run ads so consumers will buy your products or engage your services. With so much noise in the world, catching that precious five seconds of attention is critical. Your ads need to be noticed and need to motivate viewers to act—call your number, visit your store, eat your food, drive your car, contribute to your cause.

Each of these goals must be approached differently by your professional graphic design service. Copy that sells clothing is far different from copy that sells furniture. We’re experts in the nuances of print media advertising, so we’ll help you get where you want to go.

When you discuss your project with the Elite Venture Media experts, you immediately get the feeling that we’re passionate about graphic design in all forms and adept at print media in particular. We see your vision and bring your marketing goals to life on the page. Contact us today to talk about your print projects and discover how effective advertising can truly impact the profitability of your business.