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Sharing Your Personal Favorites Through Google Plus One

Recently, Google added a new facet, the Google Plus One button for Web surfers to use. Google’s Plus One button promises some exciting changes in determining a website’s ranking on search-engine results pages. What is it?

If you haven’t heard of “Google,” then most likely, you haven’t been using the Internet much at all. Google provides a search engine that delivers SERPs or results based upon an individual’s search terms. These results are calculated using a complicated algorithm that determines a Web page’s ranking or placement in the generated outcome to an individual’s search terms.

Jumping on the social bandwagon traveling through cyberspace, Google has recently added a unique feature that webmasters and programmers can add to Web pages. This newest facet is the Google Plus One button. It promises to change up search-engine result pages with a twist.

Google Plus One is a social-sharing feature that allows people to click on the +1 button to indicate their approval of a Web page’s content. This feature is likely to appeal to users, because they do not need to leave the website in order to share their endorsement of a particular page.

Before anyone can put a “+1” stamp of approval on something, she must have a public Google profile. All of an individual’s personal +1s are stored on her Google profile for easy reference. For the time being, people can opt to keep their +1s private for personal use or to make them public in order to share recommendations with other users.

The name of people who agree to openly share their “+1” recommendations is clearly visible to their friends and family. Therefore, they are less likely to +1 a website if they don’t actually think the content is worthwhile to share. After all, who wants to be seen giving a +1 to a site with bad content? It’s expected that people will +1 the sites they like and trust.

In order to join in the fun and receive a +1, a website needs to provide exceptional content that has users consistently clicking the button, providing their endorsement of a specific page. Eventually, the Google Plus One button is going to make an impact on where a specific website ends up in the rankings. This fact means that posting the right type of content (unique and exceptional) is going to be more important than ever to encourage the “+1” clicks that steer people to specific websites, including your site.

Google’s +1 button is easy to add using Google’s special configurator. Programmers with an advanced range of skills can customize Google’s Plus One button on a variety of levels.