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Top 3 Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make

Blogging Mistakes

Blogging has become popular as a hobby, but also as a way for businesses to introduce and promote products.  Here are the three biggest mistakes new bloggers make.

1. Long posts
New bloggers tend to write long blog posts with detailed background information.  For maximum results, get to the point in one or two paragraphs per post.

2. Multiple topics per post
In the excitement to complete their first post, new bloggers also include more than one topic or idea.  Keep each blog post to a single topic.  If needed, end the post with a short teaser about the upcoming week and what the reader can look forward to.

3.  Grammatical and spelling errors
While blogging is a more informal type of communication, don’t be a lazy editor.  Blogs still need to be professional and search engine friendly to gain readers and respect.

Blogging on focused topics provides organization and readability.  Well written content is professional and makes an impact readers will remember.  Following these simple tips will help make your first blog a success.