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Visual Design

Our designers are some of the best in the industry. From concept development to site implementation, our team offers cutting edge designs appropriate for your business. We’re multi-talented: our expertise includes template design, style guides, illustrations and typeface development. Whether it’s online or print, we have all phases of your design needs covered.

Branding and Identity Systems

The internet is fast becoming the number one way consumers interact with a brand. Our team at Elite Venture Media excels at brand management. We establish exactly how your identity relates to your specific customers. Our goal is to create a cross-platform (when applicable) personality that works in multiple scenarios, from web to print.

Mobile and Emerging Platforms

Technology is continuously advancing, and your business needs to stay on top of it to be successful. This is where Elite Venture Media excels. We are always on the lookout for emerging platforms, new media, mobile apps and websites. We focus on what users are looking for and how they interact with these new devices. By taking advantage of these emerging platforms, your business will always be a leader among competitors.

Content Strategy

Elite Venture Media helps clients develop their business content strategy. Your content will define your brand, so it’s important that we set content inventories, hierarchies and workflows to ensure you content is never out of touch with your users’ needs.

User Scenario Development

How do we ensure your business targets the appropriate demographic? User Scenario Development. Our research team knows the behaviors and motivations behind today’s users. By distilling these aspects into user personas, we put theory into practice. This ensures that most user needs are met. Our interaction design (scenarios, interaction models, behavioral documentation) allows us to develop specific tools for your brand. These range from websites to applications to browser plug-ins, etc. All are developed by our team of professional here at Elite Venture Media.

Content Development

What content do you need to deliver to your customers? Photos, video, image sourcing, graphic production and editorial are all ways Elite Venture Media helps to deliver brand-specific content to a wide range of clients. Developing the proper content builds a strong, loyal relationship with the user in today’s fast moving market.