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Content Management Systems

Your web business is only as good as the content management system behind it. We offer a variety of clean content solutions, like open-source Joomla/Dupral, Django, etc., as well as more specific systems such as Magento and WordPress.

Systems Integration

For large-scale initiatives, Elite Venture Media has experience providing customers with a multitude of third party web solutions. This includes e-commerce integration (e.g. Amazon), social networking ASP’s (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), various search applications. We even work with video and content delivery networks and email service providers. Elite Venture Media helps your business work seamlessly with all third party vendors/applications.

Software Architecture

Our software architecture can be scaled to fit the size of your business. No matter how large, we provide and maintain the software solutions to keep your enterprise running smoothly.

Client-side Development

When developing your web business infrastructure, our team at Elite Venture Media keeps ‘user experience’ a priority. We are, of course, experts in AJAX, Flash, jQuery, Java, etc. But we take great care in making those languages work in a way that is cross-browser compatible, easy to maintain and fast loading. In other words, the site is built with your usability in mind.

Server-side Development

For enterprise development, Elite Venture Media specializes in building scalable solutions in Java and .NET environments. For lightweight, rapid development, we focus on PHP and open-source solutions. We utilize a time-tested approach to development and Agile methodologies to ensure predictable high-quality, modular software.

Quality Assurance and Deployment

During the development of your project, our Quality Assurance team will make sure all software and applications are maintained with the highest standards in mind. We put our reputation behind everything we build. Load testing, A/B and multivariant testing as well as user acceptance testing are all vital aspects of our quality assurance. When the time comes to go live with your site, we work along side your IT department to ensure a smooth transition.